Poultry in Bangladesh: Key Facts & Figures

Bangladesh has a long historical record of poultry rearing under traditional backyard farming. In the beginning, commercial poultry farming started on small scales and got poor rural women and unemployed youth involved and thus employed. It also involved some semi-urban and urban poultry raisers which helped to meet the growing demand for eggs and meat. 

Since the year of 1990, a significant annual average growth rate in the commercial poultry has been achieved. The commercial poultry gained 15-20% annual average growth rate during this period. At present this industry has attained the capacity to fulfill the domestic demand of broiler, edible eggs and import substitute product like Parent Stocks & precooked poultry products.

Commercial Poultry Sector at a Glance:

  • No. of GP Farms in Operation: 16 (8 Companies)
  • No. of Listed Breeder Farms: 206 (large & small)
  • Production of Broiler DOC: Weekly production is around One crore seventy thousand (at present)
  • No. Registered of Feed Mills: 198 (as per Department of Livestock Services)
  • Production of Industrial Feeds: 5.3-5.4 Million Metric Ton
  • No. of Commercial Farms: 65-70 thousand
  • Production of Commercial Layer Eggs: Daily egg production is around 3.30 crore
  • Per Capita Broiler Meat Consumption is: Yearly 6.3 Kg
  • Share of Broiler Meat out of Total Meat Consumption: Around 40%
  • In 2020 Per Capita Poultry Meat Consumption is expected to be reached: Around 7 Kg
  • In 2020 the Expected Contribution of Poultry Meat could Increase to: 2 million MT (annual)

Currently there are 16 Grandparent farms in operation which belong to 8 Companies and 206 small & large scale listed Breeder farms producing around One crore seventy thousand broiler Day Old Chicks (DOC) per week. About 65 to 70 thousand commercial farms which produces around 3.30 crore commercial eggs daily. Bangladeshis consume 6.3kg broiler meat per capita per year out of total consumption around 40% is share of Broiler meat. Currently there are about 198 registered Commercial Feed mills as per DLS which collectively produces 5.3 – 5.4 million metric ton industrial feeds.