Eligibility Process


A Company Limited by guarantee and licensed under section 28 of the Companies


Article 1. Name:
The name of the organization shall be the World’s Poultry Science Association- Bangladesh Branch, herein after referred to as WPSA-BB.
Article 2. Registered Office:
The registered office of the organization shall be at Mega Domicile, Flat # B-6, Plot # 91, Road # 4, Block # B, Niketon, Gulshan-1, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh.
Article 3. Language:
The official language of the organization shall be English. However, for Local Correspondence it will be in Bangla.
Article 4. Emblem:
The same emblem of the WPSA will be used as the emblem of WPSA-BB.
Article 5. Aims and Objectives:
a) To promote the advancement of knowledge of all aspects of Poultry Science and Poultry Industry in Bangladesh and abroad.
b) To encourage the promotion and to arrange meetings, conferences, seminars, congress, workshops, exhibitions/show etc. to popularize Poultry Science and Industries in Bangladesh and abroad.
c) To dedicate itself to the spread of the knowledge so that education and training are ranked high amongst the WPSA members.
d) To provide encouragement and cooperation to the members of the Association to participate in any sub regional, regional and international seminar, symposium conference, congress etc. arranged by any professional body, association etc.
e) To arrange short-term or long-term training program relating to Poultry Science and Poultry Industries.
f) To represent the Association by showing representative to any meeting, seminar, conference, symposium, congress, workshop, relating to Poultry both in the country and abroad.
g) To attract the general public engaged in poultry profession with the modern technology in Poultry Science.
h) To make an effort to prepare database information related to the Poultry Science and Industries.
i) To publish newsletters, bulletins, journal and books related to the Poultry Science and Industries.
j) To disseminate knowledge pertaining to all aspects of Poultry Science and Poultry Industries and facilitate the exchange of such knowledge with people in the public in Bangladesh and elsewhere in the world.
k) To arrange exchange of views among the members of WPSA-BB for finding out ways and means to solve problems related to poultry production, marketing, diseases and development of Poultry Industries.
l) To make any other effort related to the advancement of Poultry Science and Poultry Industries; and does such acts and deeds as are incidental and conducive to the aims and objectives of the Association.
m) To cooperate with fraternal international and local organizations in achieving the above aims and objectives.
n) To grant scholarships, awards, medals and prizes to outstanding students in Poultry Science (Animal Husbandry discipline) and Scientist in the relevant field, for achieving extraordinary performance, if any.
Article 6. Funds of the Association:
There shall be two categories of funds of association:
a) General Fund which shall include and consist of registration/membership fees, donations, interest on cash deposits or any other normal receipt to be kept in a schedule/private bank as may be decided by the Executive Committee, and reserve fund which shall consist of 10% of the General Fund be kept in an FD account with a bank as may be decided by the Executive Committee


Article 1. Definition of Terminologies used in this Constitution

a) Association : Association means the organization called “World’s Poultry Science Association- Bangladesh Branch” hereinafter referred to as “WPSA-BB”.
b) Constitution : Constitution means the Memorandum, Rules and Regulation and Bye-laws of the Association as framed and adopted from time to time.
c) Committee Committee means the Executive Committee abbreviated as EC, constituted for a specific period of time by general members of the Association in accordance with provision of this constitution.
d) Members : Members mean active members, life members, honorary members and students members of the Association duly registered in accordance with the Article 4 of this chapter
e) Office- Bearers : Office-Bearers means the President , Sr. Vice¬President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and Members of the Executive Committee.
f) General Body : General Body abbreviated as GB means the members of the Association attending in a general meeting of the Association.
g) General Meeting : General Meeting abbreviated as GM means a general meeting of the Association.
h) Election Commission : Election Commission means a body to be constituted by the Executive Committee for conducting the whole affairs of the election of the Association.
i) Notice : Notice means any announcement made in writing or signed by Secretary and President or Authorize by Both authorized person of the Executive Committee.
j) Financial Year : Financial year means the Christian year of twelve months ending on 31 March ( April to March)
k) Tenure : Tenure means the period from 1st April of a year to 31st March of the subsequent year consisting of two consecutive years for which the Executive Committee is elected.
l) Institutional Employee: Institutional Employee means those employees who are directly involved in poultry business, minimum graduate, 5 years or more work experience.
m) Poultry Science: Program which deals with Poultry- Disease, Health, Management, Nutrition, Genetics, Product etc.

The definition of the terminologies and their expression shall have the same meaning as this constitution provides in the affairs of the Association, notwithstanding anything to the contrary.

Article 3. Registration of Members

A person willing to apply for membership either as an individual or a farm or a company or an associated body shall have to apply for registration in a prescribed form called “Application Form for Membership” ……………. The decision of the EC shall be final. Any application for membership of the Association if contain any incorrect information in any manner whatsoever will not by any means be considered and the person/farm/company/associated body shall there upon cease to be a member of the Association. In case of new business entity, the Proprietor or Partner & in case of a company or associated body the Secretary or Managing Director or his employees (other than AH & DVM) can apply after having five years operations in poultry sector.

Article 4. Categories of Members

The Association (WPSA-BB) shall have the following categories of membership:

  • Individual Member: Any person or individual engaged in education, & research in the field of Poultry Science & Industry, and Institutional employee or owner of any organization related to development of Poultry Science and Industries is eligible for membership of the Association, provided that the person is a national of Bangladesh by birth or domiciled in Bangladesh.
  • Affiliate Member: Any business or research farm, or association directly or indirectly involved in the activity of Poultry Industry development and is committed to the fulfillment of the aims and objectives of the Association as prescribed in the memorandum of this constitution may become an Affiliate Member of this Association.
  • Student Member: Any student who is a full-time post graduate students of Poultry Science or in related fields may apply for membership of the Association.
  • Life Member: A regular member after serving the Association actively  for a period of not less than 5 years may apply for life membership on payment of prescribed fees.
  • Honorary Member: The EC of the Association may select a distinguished personality known at home and abroad for outstanding contribution to the society or to the cause of Poultry Science to be an honorary member of the Association. The person so selected shall be approached by the President/ General Secretary of the Association for consent in writing. On receipt of the consent of the person so approached shall be announced for formal approval in the annual General Meeting of the Association and subsequently entered in the Register. Honorary Members shall be free of all fees whatsoever and shall not have right of voting.
Article 5. Rights and Privileges of Members

All categories of members except honorary members shall enjoy equal rights and privileges in the affairs of the Association, participate in all activities of the Association, cast vote in the election of the Association and receive all publications of the Association.

Article 6. Membership Fees and Subscription

Every member except Honorary Member shall have to pay annual subscription according to the following rate:

Member Type Subscription Fee (BDT)
Individual Member 2000.00
Affiliate Member 10000.00
Student Member 700.00
Life Member 25000.00
Honorary Member No subscription Fee

The rate of subscription may however be increased or decreased by the EC subject to the approval in the General Meeting.

The EC may if necessary levy extra fee or fees not exceeding TK 5,000.00 within a financial year of the Association on special circumstances, if arise any. The Association may however receive any grant or goods in the form of donation or gift, subject to the approval of EC.

Article 7. Cessation and Re-enrollment of membership

The EC shall have the power to cease or terminate or suspend any member whether he/she is an individual or authorized person of a farm/company/associated body on the following grounds:

  • Any member whatsoever who has not paid the subscription within 3 months upon which it becomes due or within the stipulated time announced by the EC by official notification, shall automatically cease to be a member of the Association . On cessation of membership he / she shall not be entitled to receive any notice, shall be barred to contest for any election and to cast vote in the election of the Association and shall be deprived of all privileges of the Association. If, however, he/she intends to be re-enrolled as a member of the Association he/she shall have to pay all his/her arrears dues and apply for re-enrollment. The EC may, however, in very special circumstances exempt him / her from payment of a part or full arrears dues, whatsoever.
  • Any member either individual or authorized person of a farm/company/ associated body refuses to abide by the decision of the EC, commits any breach of the Articles and Bye-Laws of this constitution, is guilty of any improper conduct and or becomes mentally or physically unsound .
  • In case of an affiliate member (farm/ company or associated body) the membership will be ceased upon change in the name of that farm, company or associated body which might alter the composition of the farm/company/associated body. The change in the constitution of the farm/company/associated body, occasioned by the admission or retirement or death of a partner/authorized person shall not cease the membership provided the business of the farm/company associated body is continued in the conventional name in which it was admitted as a member of the Association.
Article 8. Termination of Membership

The membership of any category shall automatically be terminated on grounds of death, resignation, cessation and expulsion.

Article 9. Resignation

Any member may resign from his/her active or life or affiliate membership as the case may be by written communication to the General Secretary stating the reason(s) of resignation. The resignation shall be effective from the date of approval by the EC.

Article 10. Expulsion from Membership

A member shall be liable to disciplinary action extending to expulsion on ground of written complaint launched by at least 10 members of the Association against his/ her acts or deeds prejudicial to the interest of the Association. In such cases an investigation committee consisting of 3 members of the EC headed by the President of the Association shall be formed. The investigation committee shall submit report within one month from the date of formation of the committee. The person in question shall be allowed to defend him/her conduct in person or in writing to the investigation committee. On the basis of final report the EC is empowered to convict the person in question with punishment extending to expulsion by majority of votes. Pending the final decision his/her membership may be suspended for any period as the EC deems necessary .The accused person may however appeal to the General Body through the General Secretary for reconsideration of the measures taken against him/her.

Article 11. Maintenance of Register of Members :

A Register shall be maintained in the office of the Association in which name, address and other particulars, change in membership from time to time taking place shall be recorded.

Article 12. Composition of Executive Committee:

i. The Executive Committee abbreviated as EC shall consist of 21 (twenty one) members elected by the individual, students and life members and the members representing farms/ companies/ associated bodies in accordance with the election procedure laid down in this constitution of the Association. The Composition of the office bearers of the EC shall be as follows;

President-1, Sr. Vice-President-1, Vice-President-2 (to be elected) + 2 to be kept reserved (for at least Associate Professor from Universities and at least PSO from Research Institution) , Tresurer-1, General Secretary-1, Joint Secretary-1, Members-12 including immediate past President and General Secretary (9 members to be elected, 1 kept reserved for DG, DLS; the immediate past President and Secretary will be ex¬officio member of the EC provided that he/she will not contest for any other position) and one Reserved post for DG from DLS, Govt Republic of Bangladesh.

ii) There shall be an age bar of minimum 45 (forty five) years for the post of President and General Secretary.

iii) For the post of President and or General Secretary a person will have the right to be elected for the same post not more than two tenures consecutively. The same person will however, be eligible to be elected for the same post after a gap of two tenures, each consisting of two years.

Article 14. Quorum for EC meeting:

The quorum for the meeting of the EC will be formed by 1/3rd of office bearers present. For adjourned meetings no quorum will be required.

Article 15. Creation and filling up of vacancies:

If any office bearer of the EC fails to attend consecutively three meetings without information to the President or General Secretary, he/she will be served with a notice to explain the reason of his/her such absence, within 15 days of receipt of the notice. If the EC is not satisfied with his/her explanation his/her position will be declared vacant in the following meeting of the EC subject to the approval of the General Body. Casual vacancies may also be created due to death, resignation or expulsion of an office bearer of the EC. Vacancy may also be created if an authorized person of a farm/ company/ associated body has been terminated, or suspended. The vacancies so created shall be filled up within 45 days in an EC meeting by co-opting a member who shall be approved by the next General Meeting of the Association.

Article 16. Functions of the Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee shall hold the over all responsibilities of running the Association and implementing its aims and objectives as underlined in the Memorandum of this constitution. The EC shall meet at least once every 2 (two) months and implement the policy matters and decision taken in the General Meeting. The EC shall have the power to constitute sub-committee(s) as and when necessary on such terms and conditions as it may deem fit and appoint any member to serve in public bodies if such situations arises which the EC may consider beneficial for the Association and the community as a whole.

Article 17. Powers and Functions of Office Bearers of the Executive Committee :

i. President: The President being the head of the Association shall exercise all such powers and all such functions including presiding over the EC meeting, General meeting, lead discussion, deputations, negotiations and delegations at home and abroad within the bounds of the constitution as are incidental and conducive to the interest and aims and objectives of the Association. He/She will ensure, preserve and protect the rightful implementation of every article/clause section of the constitution. He/ She will sign all statements, documents, declarations and contracts at home and abroad jointly with the General Secretary on behalf of the Association. The President shall bring to action or prosecute or defend all suits or proceeding in the name of the Association under his signature, provided that suits or proceedings or prosecution may not be instituted without a decision of the EC to institute such suit, proceeding or prosecution.

ii. Sr. Vice- President and Vice-Presidents will perform such functions as are assigned to them by the Executive Committee and in absence of the President, Senior Vice- President and in his/her absence one of the Vice- Presidents, in order of numerical precedence (on the basis of securing vote in the election) shall preside over the meetings, perform all other activities of the president and enjoy all the privileges as are enjoyed by the President.

iii. General Secretary : The General Secretary being the functional head of the Association shall be responsible for running the Association in an efficient manner with the help of other office bearers of the EC. He/ She will convene all the meetings of the Association including EC meetings and Annual General Meetings in consultation with the President and meetings of various committees, keep and maintain accurate minutes of all the meetings and arrange to get the signature of the President/ Chairman of the committees; circulate the minutes among concerned members, prepare annual report for placing in the general meeting. He/ She shall keep all files, records, correct register of the Association in order, sign all statements, documents, declarations, contacts at home and abroad jointly with the President and perform such other activities as he/she is called upon by the President according to the provisions of the constitution. He/ She will execute removal, expulsion, resignation of any person, farm or company as a member of the Association. He/ She will notify all the members of the impending election and the results of the election. He/ She will represent the Association for all purposes whenever occasions arise, before the court of justice in any suit or proceeding instituted by or against the Association, provided that he/she will not be competent to compromise any suit or proceeding without the sanction of the EC. He can authorize or delegate any or all of his functions to any member of the EC or a staff of the Association to represent the Association in the court provided that he/she shall remain responsible to the EC for all acts done on his behalf by such member or staff. He/ She will supervise account book, pass bills, make payments and issue and sign cheques jointly with the Treasurer. He/She shall be responsible to coordinate the functions and activities of all the office beares in the interest of the Association and also maintain administrative and disciplinary control over all the staff of the Association in accordance with the rules and regulations framed in that on behalf of the EC.

iv. Joint Secretary: Joint secretary shall assist the general secretary in all organizational matters and perform such functions as are assigned to him/ her by the EC. In absence of the General Secretary he/she will function as General Secretary. He/ She will also assist the General Secretary in recording proceedings of the different meetings.

v. Treasurer: The Treasurer being the custodian of the fund of the Association, shall look into the income and expenditure/ accounts of the Association following the finance rules provided in this constitution. He/She shall collect dues from the members of the Association receive grants/ donations etc. from individuals, farms, association, govt. and non-govt. organizations in the interest of WPSA-BB as per decision of the EC. He/ She will operate bank accounts and sign cheques jointly with any one of the President or General Secretary. He/ She will ensure all payments on behalf of the Association in conformity with the decision of the EC and keep in hand an amount not exceeding Taka 5,000.00 to meet up the incidental expenses of the Association. He/ She will prepare financial reports of the Association and budget for the next year in consultation with the General Secretary and place it in the general meeting with the prior approval of the EC.

vi. Members: The members of the EC shall act as advisors in performing smooth running the activities of the Association. They should extend cooperation in making decisions for over all improvement of the functions of the Association.

Article 18. Procedures of conducting EC Meetings:

i. All the meetings of the EC shall be convened by the General Secretary according to the provision of the constitution vide Article no17 (iii) and shall ordinarily be held at the office of the Association with at least 5 days notice to be issued by the GS. At such meeting, if to reach to a decision, voting is required, all the office bearers including members of the EC shall have one vote each except the President, the President shall have casting vote only in the event of tie. The voting shall be held by raising hands only.

ii. On demand of any 5 (five) members of the EC any item of the agenda of the meeting may be left for consideration in the next meeting.

iii. When at least 3 (three) members of the EC give notice of any issue in writing to the General Secretary to be moved, the issue shall be included in the Agenda of the ensuing meeting.

iv. Without the quorum no meeting, whatsoever, of the Association will be held and the adjourned meeting will need no quorum.

v. For any matter of extreme urgency the views of the members of the EC on a draft resolution may be obtained by the General Secretary and put to the President for final decision. The decision so taken shall be reported to the next meeting of the EC.

vi. The resolutions and proceedings of the meetings of the EC shall be recorded in a register called Proceeding Book. The report of the proceedings and resolutions shall be placed by the General Secretary in the next meeting of the EC in minutes form for approval and counter singed by the President. The minutes of the meetings shall be transmitted amongst the member of the EC in due time.

Article 19. Ruling of the President:

If and when EC fails to interpret or reach to a reasonable decision or when in the opinion of the President the conduct of business in order demands, the President shall give his/her ruling and that should be the final.

Article 20. Annual General Meeting:

There shall be an Annual General Meeting (AGM) consisting of all categories of members. The AGM shall be convened by the General Secretary in consultation with the President and the EC. For holding AGM at least 14 Days’ notice in writing shall be required. The annual report of the Association shall be prepared typed and circulated for the information of the members prior to AGM. Such report shall be placed to the AGM for consideration of the members. The annual report of the Association shall also contain financial report of the Association. The General Secretary in consultation with the President and the EC shall prepare the agenda for the AGM. The AGM shall be held at least once in every year at such time not being more than fifteen months after holding of the last preceding general meeting and transact among others the following business:

a) Presentation and approval of annual report.

b) Presentation and approval of audit report.

The presence of 30% of the total members of all categories in the AGM will be required.

Article 21. Extraordinary General Meeting:

If the EC deems it necessary, Extraordinary General Meeting(s) may be held to discuss and take decision on special businesses. The presence of at least 30% in such meeting(s) and to hold such meeting(s) at least 21 days’ notice will be need.
All business shall be called special business that are transacted at an extraordinary meeting but the consideration of the audit reports and the annual report, shall not be called special business.

Article 22. Requisition of General Meeting:

There shall be a provision of requisition of General Meeting on matter relating to the interest of the Association by a demand notice of at least 1/3rd of the registered members of the Association in writing to the President and the specific business to be transacted. The matter should be placed by holding EGM within 45 days of such requisition.

Article 23. Arbitration:

In case of controversy in any matter arising out of any business of the Association the controversial issue(s) shall be settled by arbitration. An arbitrator shall be appointed by the EC and decision of the arbitrator shall be submitted to the EC for compliance.

Article 24. Amendment of the Constitution:

Any proposal for amendment in the constitution must contain full justification and should be placed to the EGM through EC for appraisal and approval. The amendment proposal(s) must reach to the General Secretary at least 15 days before the forthcoming General Meeting, and amendments (s) shall be subject to the provision of the companies Act, 1994.

Any Amendment needs to be passed by a majority of not less than three fourths of such members entitled to vote as are present in person at a general meeting.

Article 25. Finance Rules:

i. The financial year of the Association shall be from 1st April to 31st March and the management and creation of funds of the Association shall be vested in the EC of the Association.

ii. All funds of the Association shall be operated through a scheduled bank/ private bank as may be decided by the EC as per provision of the Memorandum of this Constitution (Article # 6).

iii. Bank Accounts (i.e cheques) shall be signed jointly by any one of the President or the General Secretary and the Treasurer. They are authorized to make payment of TK. 50,000.00 (fifty thousand) on any unspecified item, subject to the approval by the EC in its next meeting.

iv. The Treasurer in consultation with the General Secretary shall prepare a budget of estimated income and capital expenditure for forthcoming year and place before the EC for approval. He/ She will also prepare a statement of accounts, get the accounts audited in due time by a reputed audit farm, and place in the AGM for approval.

v. All the fees, subscriptions, donations, levies realized should be credited to the proper account of the Association in due time.

vi. None of the office bearers of the Association shall be liable for any actions, receipts, neglects, or defaults of any other member of the EC or office staffs for participating in any receipt, or act or loss or expense happened to the Association through insufficiency or deficiency of any security or upon which any of the money of the Association shall be invested or for any loss or damage which shall happen in the execution of the duties of his/her office through his own dishonesty or willful neglect. In that case the concerned person shall be liable and if necessary, executed or, the loss incurred shall be recovered from the accused person only whoever may he be, even if necessary, applying law of the country.

Article 26. Election Rules:

a) The Executive Committee shall be elected every second year through secret ballots. The ongoing EC shall appoint an Election Commission consisting of one Chairman and two Members for conducting the election of the Association. The election commission shall be constituted with distinguished persons of the society who are in the opinion of the EC are not involved in any way with the affairs of the Association. The EC in its meeting at least 3 (three) months prior to the end of its tenure will appoint the Election Commission with proper consent of the proposed Chairman and Members and announce it by notification.

The Election Commission must maintain its neutrality in all affairs of the election. Any undue influence or pressure from any member or coterie on the Election Commission including its Chairman will be treated as violation of election sanctity. The results shall be announced by the Chairman of the Commission immediately after the counting is over. The counting of votes will be commenced just after the casting of votes is over as per schedule declared by the Election commission.

The General Secretary will prepare the voter list of the members who have cleared up dues up to the year of the election and make the list available for checking by the members, approved by the EC and hand over the final voter list to the Chairman of the Election Commission by the 1st February of the election year.

b) Functions of Election Commission:

The Election Commission shall declare the election Schedule and perform the activities as follows:

i. To announce the date of election, and distribute nomination papers to all the voters.

ii. To receive nomination papers duly filled in, scrutinize nomination papers and announce the place and schedule of the election.

iii. To allow valid candidate(s) to withdraw nomination in writing.

iv. To appoint Presiding Officer and Polling Officer from among the members of the Association or as the Commission deem necessary for smooth conduct of the election. The EC should extend necessary assistance to the Election Commission.

v. The Presiding officer shall arrange counting of ballots used and unused immediately after the pooling is closed, prepare unofficial result and send to the EC through the Election Commission for official publication. Whole affairs of the election must be completed within 31st March of the election year. If the election of the EC cannot be held within the election schedule due to some unavoidable circumstances like natural calamities, the commission will decide a new date for holding the election in consultation with the existing EC and rearrange the election schedule, but in no case the time and date of holding the election will exceed 60 days from the date of expiry of the tenure of the office of the EC and the existing EC will continue functioning their duties until the result of the election is published.

vi. If no nomination paper is submitted as per schedule for any or more positions the Election Commission in that case shall announce a fresh election date and schedule for those position only.

vii. Only a valid voter can propose, or second a candidate for contesting the election in any position. The nomination paper of eligible candidates shall bear the signature of the respective candidate as a mark of his/her consent. Candidature can however, be withdrawn only by producing, in person, a written application to the Chairman, Election Commission.

viii. No candidate or his/her supporter(s) should issue or publish any statement/ leaflet/ cards etc. abusing an opponent/competitor. This is unethical and punishable offence which may lead to cessation of membership, subject to verification.

ix. Regarding any irregularity in the process of conducting the election, complain may be lodged with the Chairman, Election Commission with appropriate evidence(s) within 7(seven) days of such occurrence.

x. If a voter incapable to move on medical ground or deputed elsewhere by the service authority or due to some unavoidable circumstances incapable to cast vote in person, desires to cast vote by postal ballot, he/she will apply in writing to the Chairman Election Commission. The Chairman in turn shall supply the applicant a ballot paper duly signed by him/her under a sealed cover. The voter shall then return the ballot paper in a sealed cover to the Chairman before the date of pooling which shall be opened at the time of counting votes.

xi. If two or more candidates are found to have pulled equal votes, the Presiding Officer will-arrange lottery to arrive at a decision. The whole affairs of election will be completed with hand over the charges by the President and General Secretary to their newly elected counter parts within 7(seven) days of publication of results by the EC.

Membership Form