Poultry For Better Health

Dr A. B. M. Abdullah
Ex. Dean and Chairman Faculty of Medicine
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an overpopulated country, development is increasing in all sectors including health. Average life span is now 72.8 years. But there is a great challenge to maintain food security. Though food crisis is not so much, but still under nutrition is a great burden for some people…
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M. A. Sattar Mandal1
Abu Luthfe Fazle Rahim Khan2

Poultry industry plays a vital role in achieving food and nutrition security, creating direct and indirect
employment and providing the affordable protein source at the cheapest and stable prices for the
expanding population in Bangladesh (Table 1, Figure 1). The rising income push, which drives …..
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Can Commercial Poultry Sector Play the Pivotal Role in Building a Healthy Nation?

Samsul Arefin Khaled
Nourish Poultry & Hatchery Ltd.

Bangladesh is at a historical juncture – the 50th anniversary of our independence (i.e., 2021) is approaching fast, and despite all the socio political melee, the central focus of national economy is now accelerated and unprecedented economic growth in the next 7 years. However, a strategy for accelerated growth without a nutrition-sensitive means is….
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Helping Bangladesh Achieve the MDG Goals and vision 2021

The Role of the Poultry lndustry

Syed S Kaiser Kabir

Over the last two decades the commercial poultry farming sector, which provides broiler chicken and eggs, has grown into a formal industry attracting more than BDT 15,000 crores in investment and employing more than 50-60 lac people. Continued growth in this sector will bring Bangladesh considerably closer to achieving the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals….
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Commercial poultry production in Bangladesh

Khan Shahidul Huque, M. A. Saleque & Razia Khatun

Genetic potential exploitations of various commercial poultry manipulating their production systems have been increasing production and productivity of poultry meat and eggs in the country through private sector`s investment, policy support of the public sector and small scale farmers command performances…..
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Commercial Egg and Poultry Meat Production and Consumption and Poultry Trade Worldwide

Dr. Ir P.C.M. Simons
WPSA, PO Box-31, 7360 AA Beekbergen
The Netherlands.
E-mail: piet.simons@wur.nl

Poultry meat and eggs as a world food source
Poultry and eggs are excellent examples of world food. In all countries people are rearing, processing and consuming poultry in one way or another. It is the only type of meat which has been accepted all over the world throughout the ages…..
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Broiler industry in Bangladesh: some issues

S.K. Raha
Department of Cooperation & Marketing,
Bangladesh Agricultural University,

The article is mainly based on secondary data which deals with the evolution of broiler industry in Bangladesh. The emergence of broiler farming and the related backward and forward linkages opened up new dimensions for the emplorment of farnt ortners
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Poultry in Bangladesh : Awaiting the Awakening

Vice-President, WPSA-BB

The poultry industry in Bangladesh is a fitting example of how private initiative flourishes in an enabling environment fostered by government vision and policy. Since the mid-70s, public policy has been genuinely committed towards the development of a thriving poultry sector…..
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