• WPSA-BB organizes meetings with all the concerned groups relating to issues requiring urgent attention to get the poultry industry to step further. 
  • Conduct training & awareness programs for the poultry farmers on Bio-Security for controlling multifarious diseases across divisional headquarters.
  • Provide training to the traders who sell the live broiler and eggs in the wet market in collaboration with BRAC & DLS.  It has distributed various accessories such as musk, bleaching powder, etc. along with posters & booklets of through the Bangladesh Poultry Industry Coordination Committee (BPICC). 
  • A concurrence has been signed between the Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh, Bangladesh and WPSA-BB. Under this agreement the students of Poultry Science who will make outstanding results at their Degree level will be awarded scholarship at their Masters level. 
  • WPSA-BB has published newsletters comprising of different poultry issues e.g. articles, research papers, industry news, etc.
  • It also provides scholarship through the main office of the WPSA for presentation of accepted paper on World’s Poultry Congress in different years. 
  • WPSA-BB has distributed quarterly journal containing various information, posters and booklet among the farmers for increasing awareness on poultry production and disease control.
  • WPSA-BB is also in a process of celebrating 1st National Poultry Week in 2016.