Session I

WPSA today and tomorrow

Roel Mulder
Secretary General WPSA

World’s Poultry Science Association, today and tomorrow, allows to give a short overview on the history of the association. History leads to today, and an extensive description is provided on the objectives, structure, membership and programmes of WPSA …Read Here

Breeding strategies for broilers and layers under shifting paradigms

G. L. Jain

Objective of the Breeding Program is to increase the productivity and thereby reduce cost of production of the end product which the producer sells to his customers.

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Session II

Water quality management mitigate the risk

Milind LimayeHello

The Holy Prophet once narrated:
The best form of charity is to give someone water.”
“… And waste not by excess, for Allah loves not the wasters.”
– The Holy Qur’an (7:31) … Read Here

Emergence of Asian food basket – opportunities & challenges

O.P. SinghHello

Global Population has grown by 105%
• Total food Production has increased by 157%
• Meat market: … Read Here

Poultry Sector Branding Strategy and Road Map 2024

Shariful Islam & Saiful Islam

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has predicted that the global economy will pace forward in 2018 and Bangladesh will be able to take advantage of it if it makes adequate preparations … Read Here

Session VII

Chicken respiratory infections differential diagnoses and control strategies

Kannan Ganapathy

  • Consider non-infectious prior to the infectious causes
  • Laboratory support essential for narrowing respiratory diagnoses … Read Here

Alternative to antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) in food animal production

R. Chanthirasekaran

Dr. Thomas H Jukes’ s Work at Lederle Labs, Division of American Cyanamid Company
Investigating Antibiotic Fermentation wastes as alternative to expensive Vit B12 to chicks
Unextracted antibiotic residues (Chlortetracycline)

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The importance of avian mycoplasma control in antibiotic independence

Chris Morrow

■ Worldwide 10M humans per year will die from antibiotic therapy failure in 2050 if current trends keep going.
– Economic cost in the trillions $
– More deaths than cancer so why not invest the same effort for management?
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Session VIII

Innovations for sustainable poultry nutrition

Leo den Hartog

On average worldwide the productivity of farm animals is 30-40% below their genetic potential because of suboptimal conditions and health status.

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Nutritional and non-nutritional technology adoption & sustainability of the Poultry Industry

Santiago Ramirez

• As we head towards 9B+ who will grow our food
• With urbanization and centralization on the rise
who will grow our food? … Read Here

Broiler-Breeder Ration Formulation Strategies to Improve Offspring Performance

Shivaram Rao, PhD
Sr. Nutritionist, Cobb-Vantress, Inc., USA

A reasonable investment in broiler-breeder hen feeds to improve offspring performance makes economic sense in a vertically integrated broiler production system because the impact of the increased hen feed cost on the end product cost is minimal. Read Here